Owosso Books and Beans 

An Indie Book Cafe for Indie Authors

Owosso Boos and Beans is pleased to support Independent Authors and writers by offering a consignment program. Taking books on consignment allows Books and Beans to carry and feature a wider variety of books, including independently published and print-on-demand titles; we're not limited to the traditional publishing channels and we can help these authors reach more readers.

Not exactly a local author?  That's ok!  You don't need to be local to the Owosso area to participate in our consignment program!

The Independent Author Consignment Program is labor-intensive: setting up paper records, tracking sales, and managing the inventory must be done individually and by hand. All books occupy valuable space on our shelves, which is limited. Authors should understand that there are expenses associated with simply making their book(s) available in our store whether they sell or not. We have a one-time program fee to help offset these labor costs. The standard, non-refundable, one-time fee is $99.00.

Accept standard 60/40 publishing industry terms. Owosso Books and Beans agrees to pay 60% for consignments sold. The author doesn’t pay us anything beyond the initial fee unless Membership services are purchased. Owosso Books and Beans does not pay the author anything unless their book(s) sell.
We pay for book sales at the release date of your consignment agreement. Payments for sales are mailed and any books remaining will be returned to the author.

We will contact you to confirm the number of copies which should be brought/mailed to the store (usually 5). If you are scheduled for an author signing event, you will be asked to bring additional books that we will sell during your event. Books sold at such an event will be added to our inventory for payment as described above. It is the author’s responsibility to notify us of any changes in contact information. It is also the author’s responsibility to check with us about inventory status and to deliver new inventory as needed.

IMPORTANT: We ask that authors promote the availability of their book at Owosso Books and Beans on their social media platforms and events. Your promotion helps the sale of your book(s)!
We will monitor the sale of consigned books. Books that have not sold during a 3 month period will be removed from the shelves. The author will be notified to pick up the remaining stock. It is important that authors promote their books  nd link your social media to our website! If you would like us to promote signed/personalized copies of your book on our website, please let us know.

Local authors will need to be available to sign books regularly throughout their consignment agreement period.

You must offer your books at the same price at all retail outlets (to include Amazon).

Include that your book is available at Owosso Books and Beans in any and all marketing and advertising. Please also consider adding our web address link to any social media advertising.

Please note: Owosso Books and Beans is not responsible for damaged or stolen books left for consignment.
Please note: We are an independent bookstore and do not purchase books through Amazon nor do we personally sell Amazon only produced books. We understand that many independently published authors will print their books and market through Amazon. We will sell your author purchased copies here in our brick and mortar. As you are marketing your book, please DO NOT direct local traffic to purchase your book only on Amazon. It is important that we are in a reciprocal relationship and you direct local customers to pick up your book at their local indie. If you have not considered Ingram Spark, we encourage you to do so. Ingram is independent bookstore friendly.

If these terms are acceptable, please download, complete, and send back the form. Upon confirmation of your acceptance to our Independent Author Consignment Program, you may then pay your $99 program fee via mailed check or credit card online (instructions will be included in the confirmation email). Please note it can take up to two weeks for your application to be processed and for you to be contacted. If you have not heard from us within 14 business days, please then feel free to contact us at:

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us by email or drop by the store! 


For more information, read our brochure or click through the links below.

Once you have read all of the information available online (the online information corresponds to our in-store brochure), please download, fill out, and sign the Independent Author Book Information Form. Please only include information as required on the consignment form.  We will contact you if additional information is needed. (Please be aware that we require a US mailing address in order to accept a consignment).  Completing the Author Book Information form does not guarantee your book will be chosen as part of the Independent Author Consignment Program.

For Classic and Novel consignment packages, please include a 50-word description of your book or a 50-word critical review, and a JPEG of your book cover so your title can be added to our website if accepted (you may also email the description and book cover image). 

Please mail the completed and signed Author Book Information Form to:

Owosso Books and Beans
Consignment Program
108 N. Washington Street
Owosso, MI 48867

Please email or call us at (989) 729-7336 with any questions.